Assignment #2

Assignment #2:

Post Card Design – Photoshop

We will be designing a series of standard sized Postcards to promote and communicate the following messages below.

1– A cause or message that you are passionate about.

2 – An up and coming event that you would like to promote.

Assignment Specifications:

Size: The final designs will be 4″ X 6″ in size. (Students should decide on the arrangement of the height and width, will your postcard be a horizontal or vertical image? You will be designing both the front and back side of the post card with the full intention of mailing it so space must be allotted for the address and postal stamp.


R&D – Where will you find visual inspiration and research? Flickr? NYPL Digital Archives?

Students will experiment with various image manipulating techniques and styles to develop contrasts and visual interest.


Students will prepare their final works for both print out up in (CMYK) as well as presentation and application on the web (RGB).

What images will you be referencing and using? Where did you find them? Are they free to use, if so, how do you know?

**Variations! Make iterations and variations of each design. Tweak the colors and the composition, please dont settle for the minimum requirements, there is so much learning that takes place in the process of iterating! Make multiples!

**Are you looking for a photoshop psd. file template example to create along with, format and submit your postcard? (Photoshop newbies can edit and change the layers as you need to) Those with experience should make the template themselves –Click HERE

Organize your Postcard onto one single art board (this is an example layout)


Video recording of tonight’s class – 9/23 – tutorial for Assignment #2

Passcode: L$5Y&hJ=


Video recording of tonight’s class – 9/30 – tutorial for Assignment #2

Passcode: yX&pd9v#



Submission Guidelines:

When the assignment has been completed please save it as a .JPG file and add them to our class google drive shared folder here:

*Please make sure to name your files with your name – an Example is this:  R_Seslow_project2.JPG