Week #4.5

Welcome to MMA100 Week #4.5!

Good to See You Here!

Here is this week’s useful information and class resources:

Need a recap of  Week #4 – Go Here

Video recording of tonight’s class – 9/23


Passcode: L$5Y&hJ=

**Quick-Note – GAME DESIGN CLASS – Spring 2021 ** – The Media Arts & Technology dept. will be offering MMP 270 Game Design for the first time in Spring 2020. It is an elective class for Multimedia, Animation and VAT students. It will be taught by Professor Owen Roberts. Please direct all questions to his email: oroberts@bmcc.cuny.edu

Last week we began our class by re-capping the previous week’s class discussion about Assignment / project #1 and its 2 parts.

We added our work to google drive

We walked through the creative critique process and we gave comments and feedback to help propel us forward. It is important to be able to see and consider another persons point of view and perspective. Plus, we want to get into the habit of building our work through a process of iterations. Our first idea or concept is rarely the best idea or the main one that we should isolate, especially in the early stages of an assignment or project. Variety, variety!

This week both in and outside of class we spent time cutting out and practiced working with the infamous photoshop Pen-Tool! How did you do? How many assets did you make? (Its OK if you are just getting started on this this week) I estimate that it takes a good 2-3 weeks of regular practice to get the hang of things, and also move forward with more challenging images to work with.

We began talking about the next assignment – Remember, assignment #2 is asking us to organize a series of assets together to compose our post cards. Class on 9/23 will go over a full tutorial and the Zoom class recording will be placed here and on the Assignment #2 page

Here is some great outside of Zoom learning about GESTALT.

What is GESTALT and why is it important in Design?

Gestalt will help you put pieces together, and help form an understanding of the psychology of design and how we perceive design.

An introduction –> https://www.canva.com/learn/gestalt-theory/

Lets TAKE A look at COLOR! ->

Color Theory – (Image via Arhaus‘  via Justcreative)

The link below was published via – JustCreative.com – This is great guide to understanding color in design with an emphasis on logos, identity and branding.


I highly recommend visiting and learning from JustCreative.com aka – Jacob Cass – Jacob is an amazing graphic designer and conduit of great design resources.

More Photoshop Video Tutorials-

Photoshop Tutorial – The top 10 Things photoshop Beginners Want To Know How To Do

As you know by now, I love and recommend Terry White’s Youtube channel. He is an Adobe software wizard and a great teacher! Subscribe here.

Design Inspiration: 

Who is Michael Bierut and Why is he important?

Please watch the video outside of class this week and respond in the comments section below)


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