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Yohenny Alix Journal

Prompt 1

Hello, my name is Yohenny my major is communication this is my 3rd semester at BMCC, I picked this course to learn a little bit more about the art of animation, I don’t have a specific genre/era/type to learn I feel great to learn all of them, my goals and career are to finish college and be available to use it in the future in what I want to be. I am a dog lover I guess I love all animals except reptiles, I love the 80s and 90s love cartoons, I like to dance, and my favorites food are Dominican and Italian.

Prompt 2

It’s hard for me to pick and specific animated or tv show, but for anime, I love “Sakura the Cardcaptor”, I love it for the animation and for how things look really good, the relationship between sakura and her friend that is completely in love with her, and she protects her even if she can’t confess to her what she feels, the animation it’s amazing. The tv show “Seinfeld” the good way how four friends with a lot of differences between them live life day by day and understand that at the end of the day they are each other and that can’t be with any of them, I love the format and visualization of the series, it’s natural how you live day to day.