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Monday’s Review Class 5/17

Because the final is based off of the weekly reviews, an effective way to study for the final would be to go over the weekly reviews and make note of any questions you don’t understand or don’t feel confident figuring out on your own.

On class on Monday, I will go over any questions or topics people want help with. I will not be available to answer questions on the final after it has been assigned.

Week 11 – Fiscal Policy

Before class on Monday, 04/12
Watch (4:50) – Mazzucato (2013) – Government as Innovator
Read – Lumen Learning: Macroeconomics – Fiscal Policy
Slides: Keynesian Cross and Fiscal Policy – Eisenbarth (2021)
In Class/Optional
Mazzucato, Mariana. (2020). “It’s 2023. Here’s How We Fixed the Global Economy.” TIME Magazine.

Before class on Thursday, 04/15,
have completed or attempted all of Weekly Review 8

Reading Schedule Final Weeks

please review the Reading Summary Schedule for the final weeks to be sure you know when your are scheduled. If you haven’t gone yet, you will have two dates. More information about this assignment available here.

WEEK 11M 04/12Fiscal PolicyJosue, Henry, Aminata, Britney, Carolina
WEEK 12M 04/19Monetary PolicyAngelo, Serigne, Catherine, Luiggi, Kyle
WEEK 13M 04/26Government BudgetCarla, Lenny, Rose Ann, Devonte, Catherine
WEEK 14M 05/03AD & AS ModelMichelle, Kyle, Crisaury, Luiggi, Aminata
WEEK 15M 05/10AD & AS ModelChenel, Britney, Henry, Devonte, Crisaury

Week 10 – Keynesian Cross & Multipliers

Before Class on Monday, 04/05
Read: CORE – The Economy on Multipliers
Watch (09:19) – Khan (2013) – Keynesian Cross Diagram
Keynesian Cross & Multipliers – my slides

Before Class on Thursday, 04/08
Have completed or tried all of Weekly Review 7

In Class
Sequiera, Robbie. (2021). “How stimulus might not be enough to help poor or economy.” The Gainesville Times. 10 March.