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If you are a student of ECO201.1201 or ECO 201.1404, please do NOT join this group. Your course sites will be up shortly. You can make an account on OpenLab in the mean time, if you wish.

How to navigate this website:


if you are on a computer, these will be on the right side of your screen
if you are on a phone, these will be at the bottom of the page

Zoom Link tells the hours of our class meeting and designated office hours. You can click here to enter our class room (or follow more detailed instructions in the syllabus).

Turn In & See Grades redirects you to Blackboard where you will need to log-in. All Weekly Reviews and the Final will be turned in to Blackboard. All of your grades will be available for you on Blackboard as well.

Search All Site Content is where you can search every page and post in class.

Recent Comments is where you can see if your peers are replying to content.

Tag Cloud is another way to locate content. All content is organized by week in tags.

Recent Posts is where you can see if any new posts have been published.

Main Menu:

About this class gives the course and section descriptions and repeats links to Instructor and Syllabus.

About this class > Instructor tells you a bit about me.

About this class > Syllabus has a pdf version of the syllabus imbedded as well as a .docx version you can download to familiarize yourself with all class policies.

Schedule groups together all course materials and assignments week-by-week. Along with “Course Materials” and “Assignments,” all of these entries are posts which means that you can comment on them. Commenting on posts is a great way to crowd source answers from your classmates or try out any ideas that have been sparked.

Course Materials shows all the materials we use for class. If they are tagged “in class” that means we will look at them together and you do NOT need to read them for homework.

Assignments displays any assignments that have already been assigned.

With any luck, we won’t need “Announcements” but  I will post any last minute tech issues here and/or on Blackboard if possible. I strongly recommend all students adjust settings to make sure they get notifications when new posts are made both on OpenLab and Blackboard in case of any technological issues I may face that could disrupt class.