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Hello All! I am looking forward to working with you this semester. You may call me Al (that’s spelled ay el, not ay eye). My pronouns are they/them. I have been teaching at BMCC since Spring 2019 and before that, I’ve been teaching at NYU and The New School since 2015. I’m really grateful to be working here with the committed faculty and students I have met. I believe that anyone can learn economics because everybody engages with their local economy as part of daily living! Please respond in a comment below to introduce yourself. To do so click “Leave a Comment” up top. Please note, everything posted to this website is viewable to the entire BMCC OpenLab community. If you prefer, you’re welcome to email me instead but please do respond. Please include:
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Week 1 – What is Macroeconomics & Course Navigation

No readings outside of class & no assignments

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Monday 02/01
in class:
(In Class) Slides – What is Economics?
Watch (3:19) – Chang (2019)

Thursday 02/04
in class: TBD


Watch (11:20) – Chang (2016)