Reading Summary Instructions

Over the course of the semester, each student will lead the class two times to get the conversation going for their classmates.

All students are expected to have read/watched/listened to the material, whether or not they are leading the class with a summary that day.

To get full credit for these summaries, students should:

  • provide responses relevant to the materials assigned that week
  • respond to the following prompts:
    • Something from the material I already knew was…
    • I felt surprised by this part of the material…
    • This is the part of the material that I liked/agreed with…
    • I felt suspicious about (or disagreed with) this part of the material…
  • express why the material inspired that response in you.

There is nothing to turn in for this assignment to be considered completed.

Students do not need to compile a presentation. Verbally reporting responses in class is sufficient. Students who cannot speak in Zoom for any reason can complete this assignment using the chat function in class.

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