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Monday’s Review Class 5/17

Because the final is based off of the weekly reviews, an effective way to study for the final would be to go over the weekly reviews and make note of any questions you don’t understand or don’t feel confident figuring out on your own.

On class on Monday, I will go over any questions or topics people want help with. I will not be available to answer questions on the final after it has been assigned.

Question Building Part 2

This assignment, worth 10% of your final grade, will be completed in class on Thursday, May 6th.

Students will work together to write a question for the final exam, including its answer. This assignment includes an individual and a group component.

  1. Individually, students will need to provide Al with a piece of information they have learned. To receive full credit for this portion of the Question Building, student responses will need to be:
    • relevant to the class (information came from class readings or discussions)
    • a piece of information (not just a topic)
  2. As a group, students will need to write two questions for the final exam with the correct answer. Questions can be true/false, multiple choice, fill in the blank, or short answer.

Additional instructions for completing this assignment will be given in class.