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Course Schedule

WEEK 1M 02/01
Th 02/04
What is Macroeconomics and Course Navigation 
WEEK 2M 02/08
Th 02/11
Argumentation & Modeling WR 1 Due Thursday
WEEK 3Th 02/18No Class Monday Money & InflationWR 2 Due Thursday
WEEK 4M 02/22
Th 02/25
Economic Well-beingWR 3 Due Thursday
WEEK 5M 03/01
Th 03/04
Question Building Thursday EmploymentNo Weekly Review
WEEK 6M 03/08
Th 03/11
Consumption & SavingsWR 4 Due Thursday
WEEK 7M 03/15
Th 03/18
International TradeWR 5 Due Thursday
WEEK 8M 03/22
Th 03/25
Exchange RatesWR 6 Due Thursday
WEEK 9M 03/29
Th 04/01
SPRING BREAK – no class  No Assignments
WEEK 10M 04/05
Th 04/08
Keynesian Cross & MultipliersWR 7 Due Thursday
WEEK 11M 04/12
Th 04/15
Fiscal PolicyWR 8 Due Thursday
WEEK 12M 04/19
Th 04/22
Monetary PolicyWR 9 Due Thursday
WEEK 13M 04/26
Th 04/29
Government BudgetWR 10 Due Thursday
WEEK 14M 05/03
Th 05/06
Question Building Thursday AD & AS ModelNo Weekly Review
WEEK 15M 05/10
Th 05/13
AD & AS ModelWR 11 Due Thursday
WEEK 16M 05/17ReviewNo Weekly Review

Weekly Schedule

An approximation of what to expect every week. 

Monday (75 minutes total)

Before class: students will have already read/listened to/watched material for the week

Reading Summaries (10min)
         Students Present Readings
Group Discussion (15 min)
         Students discuss readings together
Reflection on key terms (15 min)
Current Issues (30 min)
         Read related article
         Group Discussion
Review of Key Concepts (5 min)

Thursday (75 minutes total)

Before class: students will have already finished or attempted the Weekly Review

Weekly Review (45 min)
         Grade and correct weekly assignment together
Review of Key Concepts (15 min)
Introduction of Next Week’s Material (10 min)
         Author introductions
         Suggestions for attention
Check Out (5 min)
         Review upcoming work

Note that on Question Building Weeks, we will not have a Weekly Review so that time on Thursday will be replaced with a Question Building activity.