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Read – Lumen Learning: Macroeconomics

“Try It” boxes and additional videos embedded in this text are for your benefit unless otherwise specified. Use them if they are useful to you but you may skip them if they are not.

Week 4 – from Module 6: “What is Gross Domestic Product?” and “Calculating GDP

Week 7 – from Module 15: “Absolute and Comparative Advantage” and “Comparative Advantage and the Gains from Trade” OPTIONAL: “Learning by Doing: Comparative Advantage and the Gains from Trade

Week 8 – from Module 16: “Strengthening and Weakening Currency” *this is the only reading for this week so I encourage you to do the exercises and watch the videos in this chapter if this is an unfamiliar concept.

Week 11 – from Module 11: “Automatic Stabilizers” and “Neoclassical Fiscal Policy and Supply-Side Economics

Week 12 – from Module 13: “Monetary Policy” and “Monetary Policy and Open Market Operations

Week 13 – from Module 11: “Government Spending” “Taxation” and “The Question of a Balanced Budget