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Question Building Part 1 (of 2)

We completed our first Question Building (QB) assessment in class on Thursday, March 4th.

Al asked students to respond to the following prompts:
A) What is something you have learned in our class?
B) What is something you would like to learn in our class?

In order to get full credit (10 of 10 possible points), answers needed to meet the following criteria:

Responses to part A:
– came from something we had either talked about in class or encountered in class materials (readings, videos, etc.)
– were a piece of information (not just a topic)

Responses to part B:
– were related to what we have done in class so far
– were stated as a question

An example of a 10/10 response is:
A) I learned that a positive statement is a statement about the way the world is whereas a normative statement is about how someone wants the world to be.
B) I want to know: What is the relationship between GDP growth and job growth?

Students who completed this assignment in class were given the opportunity to workshop their responses with other students and with Al. Students who did not complete the assignment in class should contact Al over email to schedule a time to complete the assignment (aeisenbarth@bmcc.cuny.edu).