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BMCC Official ECO 201 Description:

This course is intended primarily for those students who intend to pursue professional careers in fields such as economics, finance, management and administration. It is also open to highly motivated students in other areas. Topics include: national income and national product; saving, consumption, investment, the multiplier theory, fiscal policy, inflation, employment and business cycles. The student will also be acquainted with money, banking, and central bank monetary policies, as well as some of the more significant theories of international trade and economic development

Section Description:

Macroeconomics is the study of how large communities of people create, consume, and distribute resources. The objective of this section is twofold: 1) to introduce you to key concepts and theories in use by contemporary economists and 2) to build upon your ability to consider and express your views with respect to real world macroeconomic issues. In order to accurately address root causes and conditions of the macroeconomy, we will discuss the relationship between slavery and capitalism, the role of systemic racism in wealth inequality, patriarchal values embedded in concepts of “economic growth,” and other potentially triggering subjects. As such, care for the words of ourselves and of others will be a crucial element of our classroom.

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