P. Williams writes in her essay that the war on terror is a new type of a war. What’s new about it, how is it different from traditional wars? 

What is new about the war of terror is that anyone can be anyone around you anyone can be a threat. Many incidents have happened due to terrorism, and this causes fear in people, having them feel like they are not safe. 

  1. In what ways does the “Roving Wiretaps” of the Patriot Act seem to violate the Bill of Rights? Which amendment(s) does it seem to violate and why?

The “Roving Wiretaps” of the Patriot Act appears to violate the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution because the Patriot Act’s “Roving Wiretaps” regulations allow authorities to listen in on suspected spies and terrorists.

  1. What about “Sneek and Peek” Warrants?

A sneak and peek search warrant authorizes law enforcement officials executing it to get physical access to private property without the owner’s or occupant’s permission or knowledge and search the property secretly.

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