1.Based on the arguments presented in Readings 6.1 and 6.2, which social class wrote the Constitution, and which class was excluded and not allowed to participate in this process? In your comment, make sure you clearly specify the difference between the two classes by giving examples from the readings. 

According to the reading, the wealthy social class wrote the Constitution. The middle class, working class, slaves, and women are excluded from this process and are not permitted to participate.

2.Would you say that the social class structure of early United States society, was the same as ours today, or different? Explain.

I believe that somehow the social class structure of early United states society is the same as ours today, but it also has its differences. For instance, women are allowed to work, vote, and be part of many decisions. But they are still looked at. They aren’t as valuable. 

3. Why were the people who wrote the Constitution so afraid of democracy? Hint: think about how to answer this question by discussing it in terms of social classes.

The people who wrote the Constitution are afraid of democracy because they fear losing power/control over the people. The people who want democracy want a society where everyone is equal where every voice is essential. Where people would gather and make decisions that benefit everyone. The constitution wants to keep and grow their money.

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