1. M. Alexander claims that the main explanation of why so many people are sent to jail in the U.S. today is deeply wrong. She states states that many people are sent to jail in the U.S by the government’s “zealous” efforts to address rampant drug crime in poor, minority neighborhoods. This is why there is a major increase in mass incarceration in the United States. The media created negative racial stereotypes about poor city residents especially the poor African American communities.  

2. Racial disparities in rates of incarceration can’t be explained by rates of drug crimes because studies have revealed that people of all ethnicities sell and use drugs at essentially similar rates. Not only minorities use drugs, they can be consumed by anyone but we see media and society perceive minorities as only using or selling drugs. 

3. Social media has a strong influence on society and their perception of the black community and racist stereotypes have influenced the American Penal System. Governments mass incarcerations of the black community and use of punishment is a form of social control.

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