Maria Angelica’s Week 5 Learning Journal

What I know about about getting the Example Eleventy Course project up and running:

First I need to fork the project then clone it into VS code.

Next, I need to open the terminal and install eleventy globally using npx @11ty/eleventy.

Then, I  can create a branch just to make sure I’m not working on the original file. ( first using the name of the branch and then adding  -b in order to change the name. For example  git checkout -b 01_02mine

Then I can type in the terminal — input — output –watch — serve. (I know what the last one is used for, but I’m still a bit confused about the rest.)

Then create a package.json file.

In order to make a package.json file I will use npm init -y. Then I can make changes to the file  to then be able to use  nmp start to convert the file to html

Then I can create the .eleventy.js file


What I want to learn more deeply or need more information about:

I would like to understand a bit better the terminal commands to change build folder and watch and serveAlso, how to deploy my changes to GitHub.