Weeks # 5 & 6 – Info & Resources

Hey Hey, Welcome back to MMA100 Weeks #5 & 6!

Here is this week’s useful information and class resources: This post has been updated to extend through week#6. There are a number of additional things below that will be covered in Zoom on 10/7.

*Did you miss – Week #4.5 – Go here

Lets jump back in and start with some NYC Design History!! Behold, the NYC Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual. Last week we started talking about and discussing the manual.. see below

Inspiration – The NYC Transit Authority Graphics Standard Manual – Leave a Comment!

The link above will you take you to a page with an active full PDF version of the manual. I would like for EVERYONE to leave a comment at the bottom of this page after exploring the manual and answering the questions in the post. We will complete this during our Zoom class on 10/7.

Link to the video above – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qg03z1H6cfA

Imagine being offered the opportunity to visually solve, design and illustrate the entire NYC transit system!? What goes into this process and research? Do you know who is responsible for this? How much does the designer charge for a project of such scale? Lets dig in and discuss.

Last week we continued talking about Assignment #2  – The Post Card project ! Lets talk about some work in progress and the potentials of the project. Students will share their work via Zoom. Discussions about presentation methods, portfolios and why presentation is so important. Please navigate to the assignment #2 page to view the assignment with me.

**Video recording of class – 9/30 – tutorial for Assignment #2 – The tutorial covers working with the pen tool, creating your lay out / document set up, layers and composition.


Passcode: yX&pd9v#

Color Theory!

Adobe’s awesome Color Wheel Simulator (must see)

GO HERE to Experiment

Several up and coming assignments will surely benefit from the use of understanding Color Theory and the Adobe Color Wheel!

*Above – Color Theory Continued -> GREAT RESOURCE – Must Read

*Above – Color Theory Continued -II >https://99designs.com/blog/tips/the-7-step-guide-to-understanding-color-theory/

Let’s take an additional tour with Adobe Wizard – Terry White

10 Things Beginners Want To Know How To Do with Adobe Illustrator (subscribe to Terry’s Channel!)

Adobe has a great series of videos on their channel on YouTube: 

Check this series with a focus on Illustrator


Designer Inspiration :: You need to know Paul Rand

4 thoughts on “Weeks # 5 & 6 – Info & Resources”

  1. The NYCTA Graphic Standards Manual shows some designs that are honestly better than the present MTA Designs. Seems like someone in the MTA is not following the manual

  2. The NYCTA Graphic Standards Manual shows us how beautiful and important those pieces of designs are in history. The simplification of those fonts and designs makes things that much easier to fallow and figure out where we are going in this large city full of people. I also feel like these designs kind of transcend just being recognizable in New York, because the amount of familiarity and exposer it gets from tourist and even from movies that people outside of New York would watch.

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