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Michael Lleras LP Outline W11

My long paper will consist of an animation film called Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. This film was released in Japan in the year 2013. This film was the first film to be a theatrical released in 17 years. Dragon Ball Z has a whole TV series franchise that I grew up watching since I was 7 years old  I have grown to love this film because of the character name Goku who is the earth hero saiyan and became the strongest saiyan in his kind. Goku has taught me valuable lessons that to never give up and always be strong and get stronger. I grew to love the film but I also loved the fighting scenes, the power beams, and the different races. In Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods I will be researching the making of this film, the story, animation techniques, and the color used, and I will analyze the film by comparing and contrasting previous TV series releases.