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Where I’m from

Where I’m From 

I am from call of duty,

from Playstation  and Xbox .

I am from an apartment building in the Bronx, large, dark, and smelling of chemicals .

I am from the park

the smell of grass that is mother nature 

I am from El barrio where spanish plays out loud 

And hair like annuel,

from Roselee 

And Libio and Libio II.

I am from the love 

And care.

From smart

and mature.

I am from the house of Jesus .

I’m from new york city with a bloodline of a puerto rican,

Pizza and sandwiches are my household choice of food.

From the immigrant grandpa who fled from cuba to live a life of freedom,

And a mother who sacrifice her teenage years to care for a son ,

and the father that had drug addiction who recovered to be a better father.

I am from a childhood of  struggle and sorrow.

I am from friends that created a brotherhood

I am from years of identity creation.

I am responsible for creating the legacy for the last name.