Where I’m from

Where I’m From 

I am from call of duty,

from Playstation  and Xbox .

I am from an apartment building in the Bronx, large, dark, and smelling of chemicals .

I am from the park

the smell of grass that is mother nature 

I am from El barrio where spanish plays out loud 

And hair like annuel,

from Roselee 

And Libio and Libio II.

I am from the love 

And care.

From smart

and mature.

I am from the house of Jesus .

I’m from new york city with a bloodline of a puerto rican,

Pizza and sandwiches are my household choice of food.

From the immigrant grandpa who fled from cuba to live a life of freedom,

And a mother who sacrifice her teenage years to care for a son ,

and the father that had drug addiction who recovered to be a better father.

I am from a childhood of  struggle and sorrow.

I am from friends that created a brotherhood

I am from years of identity creation.

I am responsible for creating the legacy for the last name.  

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  1. Hey Isaiah just hearing a bit of where your from, its definitely real intriguing. Im also from the Bronx and we are surrounded by so much people that we tend to never think and analyze the stories that people carry. I’m glad that through the sorrow your fighting daily to be better.

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