Discussion: Parents

I believe honesty and transparency with one’s children is most important when communicating with them.This is a very difficult thing to navigate especially with younger children, however I believe it is important to only be honest about concepts and ideas when the child is old enough to understand and process them healthily. Life can be incredibly difficult to deal with and digest and it is a parents responsibility to prepare their child for it as much as they can. This is heavily impacted by the words parents choose to use and the things they choose to say or not say. Hiding your children from difficult concepts or hardships is detrimental to the development of their character, and their ability to handle these things on their own. As previously stated, it is important to slowly introduce children to difficult ideas and situations when they are old enough to handle it properly, however completely hiding them from difficult things only furthers their dependance on you and others.

4 thoughts on “Discussion: Parents

  1. Hi, I agree with you that it is a parents job to prepare their child for the world and the way they chose to speak to their child is very important in this respect. The words parents use to speak to their children can definitely help them process difficult topics in a healthy way.

  2. Hello, Thomas
    I agree, some kids are wise and can handle difficult concepts more than we think they can but we also have to allow them to be kids and not stress them out so early in life. It’s a balance.

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