Conversation 8

The film “Moonlight” moral dilemma is about the main character “Chiron Harris” and confronting his sexuality in three different phases of his life. The constant factors in his life make his choices difficult in all three chapters of his life. The other main lead in the film is called “Kevin” who happens to be Chiron’s main love interest throughout the film but Kevin doesn’t know that himself. The many possible outcomes of the 7 moral positions can be:

  1. Chiron at a early age or teenage years , despite the possible negative outcomes, can tell Kevin how he truly feels towards him.
  2. In Chiron’s early year he struggles to really understand the new emotions he’s facing towards his friend causing an identity crisis.
  3. Chiron tries to improve the situation by hiding who he really is under a “gangster” mentality
  4. We don’t really know Chiron’s religion but he could try to hinder the emotions he truly feels
  5. Chiron’s true emotes would want him and Kevin in a relationship.
  6. Juan and Teresa help Chiron by comforting him throughout the film.
  7. By understanding Chiron’s true emotions maybe Chiron should understand that he should truly reveal himself despite the possible negative outcomes.

If I was put in this situation I would try and understand my true feelings throughout my life. I would tell others and despite the other comments my life is more important then what other people say.

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