You can write your post by going to the plus sign at the top of the site > type a title* and type the body of your post > choose the category “Discussion Board #” with the corresponding number for the Conversation on the right > publish.

*Please use the title format “[FirstName] [LastName] Conv __” (insert corresponding conversation number)

If you want to add a photo or video or other media, click on the “Add Media” button above the text box. You can then upload the file. Click on “Insert into Post” on the bottom right of the screen.

Before you publish your post, you will have to select a category. Please select ONE category. Do not make your post sticky– see below

Submit your comment on the post of a classmate by selecting the title of the post > scroll down to where you leave a reply > type the comment > post comment.

To submit your conversation response, click “Leave a comment” below the week’s post.

To post your replies to classmates, click on “Reply” below their post.

An enormous post is your original response to my prompt. It must be at least 200 words, and is worth 75 points. It’s recommended that you submit your primary post a few days prior to the due date to allow classmates to respond. 

reply to classmate is your response to a classmate’s post. Your reply must be at least 50 words/ demonstrate engagement with a classmate, and is worth 25 points.

All posts should reflect some reasoned thought on your part. Think of them as mini-essays that help you make a clear, focused point.

Your posts should contain some degree of formality: spell-checked, organized, etc. However, they will also be a part of a discussion, so they fall somewhere in between formal essays and an email to a friend.

All posts should be courteous.

Feel free to post as many replies to classmates as you like. After you complete the 1 required reply to classmates (at least 50 words), your other posts can be as short, or as long, as you want.

You will receive full credit (100 points) for each post (1 enormous post and 1 reply to classmate) if you fulfill all of the above requirements. I will deduct points if your posts are: too short, show little thought, are excessively sloppy in terms of grammar, spelling and mechanics, engage in personal attacks or other breaches of common etiquette. 

No late replies to classmates will be accepted. If you submit your enormous post after the due date, the highest score you can receive is a 70. 

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