Week 7: Midterm Exam, Midterm Reflection


Activity 1: Midterm Review

Use the review sheet to review for the midterm exam. I recommend that you also review your Discussion Board posts, units 1-6 and your notes.

midterm review
Here is the short film Anxiety
Confirmation Bias in 5 min

Activity 2: Anonymous survey about you.

Please take this anonymous 10-question survey about your experience so far this semester.

Activity 3: Midterm Check In.

You will answer questions about your performance and experience in the class.

The point of the midterm check-in is for you to carefully examine your performance in this class.

  1. How are you doing in the class? Explain.
  2. What grade do you think you currently deserve? Explain.
  3. What grade do you currently have? To find out, check your grade on Blackboard (see: weighted total). Is this the grade you expected? Are you passing the class?
  4. Are you missing any assignments? If so, which ones?
  5. If you are missing any assignments, what plan do you have in place to make them up?
  6. Did you receive partial credit for any assignments? If so, which ones? Can you explain why you received partial credit?
  7. What are the categories you get graded on in this class? How much is each category worth?
  8.  Is there something Prof. Barnes can do to help you succeed in this class? 
  9. Would you take an in person class that meets once a week again? Why or why not?
  10. What can you do to successfully complete the semester? Be specific.

Activity 4: Submit your community project.

Post your community project here, in the comments box, the end of week 7.