Community Project

Instead of a midterm exam, we are going to participate in a community project. You will have a chance to apply critical thinking concepts into real world challenges by volunteering for New York Cares.

Post your community project right here, in the comments box below.

New York Cares:

“Meets pressing community needs by mobilizing caring New Yorkers in volunteer service.”

Step 1: Register at and complete the online orientation.

Step 2: Browse volunteering opportunities. What are you interested in?

Step 3: Sign up for 1 volunteering session before the end of week 4/ September 28th.

Step 4: Volunteer! by the end of week 6/ October 12th.

Step 5: Write a report about your experience. See guidelines below.

Step 6: Submit your project here.

Community Project Guidelines

Your report should include the following:

Part A) Describe your volunteering activity: what, where, who, how, why, etc.

Part B) Include a picture that captures the essence of your project, with a caption.

Part C) Select 2 of the below course learning outcomes for CRT 100 and explain how you did or did not address them through your project.

Here are 4 of our relevant learning outcomes:

CRT1.Demonstrate ability to think clearly, logically, thoroughly, critically, and effectively.  
CRT2.Demonstrate ability to solve problems and make mindful decisions in academic, personal, and professional situations  
Gen ed/ values3.Values- Students will be able to make informed choices based on an understanding of personal values, human diversity, multicultural awareness and social responsibility.   
FYE4.Students will become aware of the importance of social responsibility and citizenship (e.g., awareness of intellectual property, ethical research, respectful discourse/behaviors) and come to value themselves as members of a diverse academic community that is situated locally, nationally, globally, and digitally.

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