Conversation 8

In the movie “Moonlight,” a moral dilemma revolves around the protagonist, Chiron, navigating his sexual identity and relationships. At a critical moment, Chiron faces the decision of revealing his true self to his closest friend, Kevin, which involves risking rejection and potential consequences in their community.

Possible Outcomes via 7 Moral Positions:

1. Follow My Conscience:

   Chiron may choose honesty, following his conscience and revealing his true self, fostering an authentic connection with Kevin.

2. I Don’t Know What I Would Do:

   Chiron might struggle with uncertainty, hesitant about the potential reactions and unsure whether to disclose his identity.

3. Improve My Own Situation:

   Chiron may opt for concealing his true self to avoid societal backlash, prioritizing personal safety over authenticity.

4. Do What God or the Scriptures Say Is Right:

   Depending on Chiron’s religious beliefs, he may grapple with aligning his actions with religious teachings on acceptance and love.

5. Do Whatever Made Me Happy:

   Chiron might prioritize his own happiness by choosing to be truthful, seeking fulfillment in an authentic relationship with Kevin.

6. Follow the Advice of an Authority Figure:

   Seeking guidance, Chiron might turn to a mentor or authority figure for advice on whether to disclose his identity.

7. Do What’s Best for Everyone:

   Chiron may weigh the potential positive impact of honesty on both himself and Kevin, choosing to reveal his true self for the greater good.

What I Would Do and Why:

I’d go with the “Do what feels right inside” option. I believe being truthful and real with others is essential for building strong connections and growing as a person. Even though it might be tough, sharing your true self can help others understand and accept you.

My Thoughts on How I Make Decisions:

Thinking about my own choices, I value being genuine, understanding other people’s feelings, and making connections that are real. I think it’s important to respect and accept everyone for who they are. This situation in “Moonlight” just reinforces that my way of deciding things is about empathy, compassion, and being true to myself and others in tricky situations.

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