Week 12: Morality


Activity 1: What is morality?

What is your definition of morality?

What role does morality play in your life?

Activity 2: Review stages of development.

Watch this video on William Perry’s stages of cognitive development. Which stage, or transition between stages, best describes your approach to understanding the world? What are the benefits and what are the shortcomings of this approach? 

Activity 3: Trolley Problem.

Watch this TedED video about the Trolley problem. Would you sacriface one person to save five?

Activity 4: Morality Quiz (ungraded)

Take this morality quiz. Do you agree with the results?

Activity 5: 7 Moral Positions

Review the 7 moral positions by Chaffee listed here (for more information, see week 13 on Blackboard):

  1. I would follow my conscience
  2. I don’t know what I would do
  3. I would do whatever would improve my own situation
  4. I Would Do What God or the Scriptures Say Is Right
  5. I Would Do Whatever Made Me Happy
  6. I would follow the advice of an authority figure
  7. I would do what’s best for everyone

Activity 6: Movie and Morality

Select one of the following movies from Kanopy (this is a database via BMCC Library, just like CQ Researcher): “The Return,” “Parasite,” “Barbara,” “Leave No Trace,” “Moonlight.” Here are the trailers:

It appears that Moonlight is no longer available via Kanopy but if you have a different movie streaming service feel free to watch it there.

Activity 7: Conversation 8

writing hand

Select, describe and analyze a moral dilemma from the movie:

  • Select and describe a moral dilemma from the movie. Next, explain the possible outcomes of this dilemma via the 7 moral positions. 
  • Describe the decision that you would make in this situation and explain why.
  • Identify the moral value(s) or principle(s) on which you based your decision (based on Chaffee’s moral positions)

Based on this analysis, describe your thoughts about your own moral compass.