Savannah Lucas-Conversation 8


I chose to watch the movie, "Moonlight”. Chiron, the main character faces different moral dilemmas, as he figures out his life. One main moral dilemma that I grasped, revolves around his identity and sexuality as he grows up.

Chiron struggles with his sexual orientation and his feelings for his friend Kevin. He faces the challenge of accepting and understanding his own identity in a place that isn't very accepting towards expressions of vulnerability and difference.

Following My Consciousness: Chiron might choose to embrace his true identity and feelings for Kevin despite pressures.
I Don't Know What to Do: Chiron might struggle to understand his feelings and not take any decisive action, feeling uncertain about his identity and the consequences of coming out.

Doing Whatever Improves My Situation: Chiron may choose to follow societal expectations, ignoring his true self to avoid conflict or discrimination, which may provide temporary relief.
Doing What God or the Scriptures Say: Chiron may struggle with religious teachings about his feelings. He might struggle to connect his faith with his sexual orientation.
Doing Whatever Makes Me Happy: Chiron may choose to pursue his feelings for Kevin, knowing it’ll make him happy.
6. Following Advice from an Authority Figure: Chiron may seek guidance from an older and wiser figure in his community, like Teresa, which would lead to him embracing his true identity.
7. Doing What's Best for Everyone: Chiron might consider the impact of his actions on his community, which could involve sacrificing his personal desires for harmony or challenging societal norms for greater acceptance and understanding. It can go either way.

I would align my decision with “Following My Consciousness" and "Doing What's Best for Everyone." I believe in being true to oneself while considering the impact on the community.

Chiron's journey towards self-acceptance and embracing his identity might be challenging, but it contributes to progress by challenging norms and pursing acceptance. By being true to himself, Chiron may pave the way for greater understanding within his community, even though it might first face resistance.

The decision is based on values of authenticity, self-acceptance, empathy, and evolution. It prioritizes integrity while considering the needs for the communities well-being and evolution towards acceptance and diversity.

Conversation 8

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