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Moral positions movie: parasite

Would I follow my conscience?

In the movie there is a poor family, and the son's friend min comes over to bring a stone that his grandfather wanted to give them as a gift. min and Kim Ki-Woo were out, and min was telling Kim Ki-Woo about this girl and saying after all the exams that Kim Ki-Woo did English is the only one, he was good at. So, Kim Ki-Woo is worried because he said to his friend min “I am not even a college student and then told min “Why a loser like me “and min replied with telling him because I trust you, she will be safe and care. Therefore, min also said that they also pay good.

I do not know what I should do.

Kim Ki-Woo does not know if he should take does not know if he should take the job offer that min Is giving him. Therefore, he did go to the interview. The mother of the girl that min liked had elevated expectations and hoped he would meet her expectations and be skillful hands and care, and she watched them as he tutored her. After the interview and tutoring she said, “it's 3 classes a week and 2 hours each”.

I would do whatever would improve my own?

He lied and said he had a friend of a cousin, and her name was Jessica and that she Was in the same art school as his “cousin” because he knew it was opportunity to get more money to help support his family, so he would do anything to get that. The sister got the job and after the session she had with the younger son the dad came home and asked the driver to take her home and while they were in the car. The driver was flirting with her. Therefore, she put a trap in the rich family's car and made it seem like the driver had sex in it so he could get fired and then the dad could take the place.

I would do what God, or the scriptures say is right?

What would God do is I believe he would not think it is right because the poor family keeps lying and they just tend to continue with more lies Just to get other workers fired so they could take their place. Since the poor family is trying to survive, they will do anything for money. Even if it were all a lie, they would play Dumb Then tell the truth and be honest. The son of the Rich family is starting to get a little suspicious of the whole thing.

I would do whatever makes me happy?

The family are doing whatever to survive and they do not care about the expense of other people losing their jobs because they just want money, and they are starting to become a little greedy and selfish. Because they got the driver fried for something he did not do and then got there housekeeper fried for making it seems like she had a Contagious they really did not really care about people feelings if they were able to get money it did not matter anymore.

Would I follow the advice of an authority figure?

The mother of the poor family said that she would call the police because the old maid didn’t want to leave and wanted to take her husband home who use to be in the army, but it seemed there was an incident that happened during war that made him slowly become ill. Therefore The tables have turned and now the poor family is getting blackmailed because of the old maid. husband was kept down in a secret basement for four years and when the poor family the brother, sister and dad fell down the stairs. The old maid took a video and threatened them that she would send the video to the rich family.

I would do what is best for everyone?

I believe that the poor families should have been honest because now they will pay the price. Of. Their actions, even if they were trying to just survive. Which happened because they ended up getting blackmailed by the old housekeeper. Then the Rich family was coming back from their camp birthday. That was a disaster because it was raining. And then they were rushing to clean the house cause the house was a mess. And they were Hiding the old housekeeper and husband. They tied the husband down and then with the housekeeper, the mother of the poor family accidentally pushed him downstairs and got a concussion. And it was bleeding from her head. Later, she passed away and the husband realized as he escaped. From being tied up, his wife is unconscious and dead, so he ended up getting revenge the next day. As they were doing, they were doing the younger sons birthday. Who had trauma because he thought he had seen a ghost even though it was not a ghost, it was the husband of the housekeeper. And so, the housekeeper's husband grabbed a kitchen knife. And came outside where there was everyone guess. The son and the family of who caused this whole issue. And he first targeted the sister, and she ended up going down, bleeding. The son of the rich family was behind her and passed out from seeing that, and then the dads came up from the bushes. Because they were supposed to do a scene of saving the Princess because there's younger son was really into Native Americans. But that all went downhill and so after he stabbed the sister. but before that the husband of the housekeeper ended up hitting the son with the stone because the son started to feel self and wanted to apologize. Which is why he is going down to the secret basement but ended up. going into a trap and getting hit by the stone. And then he stabbed the mother of the poor family, and the mother was fighting back. Then the Rich family dad Took his son with the wife and. After all that. The mother of the poor family stabbed the guy with those sharp objects on his rib and went through. And then the dad of the Rich family was yelling at the dad of the poor family to throw the keys. So, he did throw the keys, but it ended up going underneath the dead guy. And the dad of the rich family tends to always make fun of how the poor dad's family smelt. And how they all smelled the same way and that triggered his last patience, and he ended up stabbing the rich dad of the family and then running away. Therefore, the sister ended up dead. In the end. The son was in the hospital for a little bit. As the cops were trying to get something out of him, he was just on drugs. Because of him being Very badly injured. He ended up being fine as time went by. The dad of the family ended up hiding in the basement of the old housekeeper 's husband and stayed downlow the old rich family didn’t leave there anymore a new family did.

What I would do in this situation/

Would I follow my conscience?

If I was in Kim Ki-Woo place, I would take the job interview Just because if I knew this was something I was good at and it pays well enough for me to support and help my family, I would take the job under one condition If I get a job, I expect my other family to also try their best to get a job.

I don’t know what I would do?

To be honest, I think I would be too scared to know what to do in that sort of situation because if me and my family are both struggling financially. And we're not up to level with other families, of course. I'm going to start to feel a little taken back and envious Because they have the easy Well, I have it hard. Therefore, What I would do is I would still take the job and offer because it's a good offer to take but at the same time If I were to take a job, I would want my family members to also have jobs so we could all be helping each other out. But I wouldn't suggest them being at the same job as me, because one of us might start to get a little too greedy and then the whole thing goes downhill. Therefore, what I would do is I will make sure that before I take this offer, my family members agree on trying to find other work positions. And after each of them, find different jobs to do and we all help each other out. Then I would take the offer of tutoring the rich kid. Because then we both all have different jobs, and we aren't around each other.

I would do whatever would make improve my own.

I would do anything in my position to improve of working hard to make sure I can get enough money to help my family even if they have jobs. I would still want to be the number one person to put in a lot of work and sweat to make sure that in the future we get out of that house. And that we are all successfully surviving on our own instead of surviving together. Even though it would have been great if my family was with me in the same house, I know that the minute we are all in this house together Something's going to happen and it's not going to be something good.

So, I'd rather sacrifice myself by making sure that I improved on my own Education and make sure that the rich kid that I'm tutoring ends up getting into the college that their family wants them to get into. So, then I can get paid well to at least save up.

I would do what God, or the scriptures say is right.

I would make sure that whatever I'm in the position of doing I would make sure that God would be me all the way through. Because I believe if I were to do the opposite of what I just did my self-conscious would start to eat me alive slowly and I would feel guilty of lying and not being honest and having my whole family start to be greedy and selfish when it comes to getting money. because that's what we need in this world to survive money. So, if I was in the position as Kim Ki-Woo I would Of course, Start to feel some sort of guilt. From making this family believe that we're all from different sort of families and that we don't know each other whatsoever, even though Were con artists. And we're playing this rich family into thinking that we're just people here to help, even though we're not here to help. Therefore, if I didn't do what Kim Ki-Woo was doing, I would make sure that everyone in my family is being guided all the way through and hoping that God would help.

5-I would do whatever made me happy?

I would do whatever makes me happy Meaning I would do anything to make sure that my family and I are OK financially and that one day in the future. We won't be as poor as we were before and now, we have somewhat better housing situation and more food, and it's cleaner. Just because if I personally really love my job and helping this Rich kid with their future. Hopefully it'll make my future better too with the money that I'm receiving from that family. and hoping that my family is also getting a somewhat good amount of pay so we all can save up and be responsible with how we're spending our money.

6- Would I follow the advice of an authority figure?

If I was in Kim ki woo place I would come out clean because personally. If I started to notice that my family is getting a little out of hand and including me. I know that that's just the start of all of it. So, I would Personally come out clean I wouldn't bring my family involved in this and I personally will have my sister hack into the system of cleaning everything out that leads to them. And I will sacrifice myself going to jail, then my whole family going to jail. Even though That might not be the smartest choice because they might continue to do the same thing over and over. But if they do continue to do the same thing then They clearly never learned the first time and they would also have to go through the consequences of our actions.

7-I would do what best for everyone?

If I was in his position. I will do everything in my power to make sure of that We are going to do perfectly fine if we all put in the effort of working try to not get too greedy with money and more responsible with it. Then I would do everything to make sure that we are well and if we are starting to get people just suspicious. I would like my sisters to hack the system and erase everything that leads to any of us. So, nobody would know who we are, where we're from and where we came from. And what were our intentions. Because that's the best for everyone We don't end up getting caught, we end up living life with the money that we all earned by our different jobs because we all put in the effort of trying to chip in to help our situation.

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