convo 5


I am convinced that money does not assure joy Because when you have been given much money, you do not know how to handle it and it becomes daunting. Therefore, i believe it's not worth allowing money to destroy your joy and satisfaction. Because every now and then when a person has been given money, they is possibly timid And help individuals that need help, or they are likely to be greedy. What i'm suggesting is from the video he speaks the truth about the secret to joy and he says ‘’ secret to happiness is low expectations, but setting isn’t a bad thing When you're dissatisfied and you ask who's responsible, the answer is clear The world is responsible. ’you require low expectations because when you have high expectations to what you assume money will do for you is not what it'll do. it’ll be overwhelming, stressful and make you feel stressed and annoyed .when you have so much money you don't know how to handle it. And then at times people tend to utilize your money more then you without you knowing. My argument is that money is not the most important thing, sure its very important but its not more important then health and family for example if your dying from cancer an can’t be treated money isn’t gonna fix that or if a family member is dying money can’t fix that.

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