Conversation 3: Bias


The topic I read about is the current war between Palestine and Israel. To give a little bit of context; Israel has been attacking Palestine for several decades but more recently, the conflict between the two countries worsened. Israel commenced a genocide to get rid of all the Palestinians and to eventually claim the country of Palestine as their own. To fight back, Palestine has a terrorist group, Hamas that takes Israeli hostages until they call ceasefire and stop bombing their country. The United States or should I say president Joe Biden has come out and voiced his support for Israel. This got mixed reactions from the public and citizens from the United States and so there are currently protests asking the government to either keep supporting Israel and to help release hostages from Hamas or to call ceasefire and let Palestine finally have peace.

Having three articles from two different political views and in between, they all had one thing in common. All parties can agree that president Biden is hiding behind the gates of the white house while enabling the genocide of millions of Palestinians. Each article informed us about the same topic but what's significantly different about each of them is the way they are presenting and wording the article.

The article from the left side, "Pro-Palestine Protesters March on Washington D.C., Expressing Anger at Biden" quotes "“We should be calling for a ceasefire, and instead they’re talking about a ‘pause’, which isn’t really a stoppage of anything. They’re going to let the supply trucks through, and then they’re going to continue to fight. It’s a euphemism and the public doesn’t understand that. It really is not a ceasefire" and "“We are here to speak for the innocent people. We are here to let the world know that what Israel and the United States are doing is not self-defense; it’s a genocide. And we’re not supporting that regardless of religion, regardless of our ways, regardless of agenda. We are all human beings.” They speak negatively about the government and the president while also speaking out about the tragic death of thousands of Palestinians in a compassionate yet informative way.

The article "Thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters march across DC" has a center point of view. The way we know this is because the title itself is a true statement that can be proved. Unlike the previous article from the left side which mentions the negative emotions people have towards the president and the government, this titles shows no hints of emotions whatsoever. The article itself quotes what people have said in regards to the current war. Mustafa is a person who was interviewed and said "I do not support any form of terrorism,” Mustafa said. “I support only humanitarian causes.” A lot of people have been saying the same thing Mustafa said which falls into the center category by not agreeing with either of the parties. Besides the quoting, the article also provides facts about whats Israel and Palestine have been doing without giving their own personal opinions.

The article designated to support the right side, "Thousands of pro-Palestinian marchers descend upon WH chanting ‘Allahu akbar,’ ‘F–k Joe Biden’ as they demand ceasefire" also has a passive aggressive title. First, saying that the protesters chant "F-k Joe Biden" makes it seems like it's not a peaceful protest, but an aggressive one. It's not only the titles but also what they say about the protest. "The tens of thousands of protesters — including rapper Macklemore — could be seen for miles as their roarous chants filled the streets since around 1 p.m." They use the word roarous which can be interpreted as loud and unruly. Another thing that stood out was this, "“This one was distinguished by the defacing of the gate and pushing on it, chants of ‘Allahu akbar’ and thousands of Muslims, leftists and others chanting against Biden,” he said. “It was remarkable that it ended peacefully. (With) many families in the fired-up crowd, it could have been bad." Using the word leftists to describe pro Palestinian protestors that just want Biden to call ceasefire and stop the murder of thousands of innocents is a big clue if you can't tell from whose perspective this article its from. "Protesters also shattered the windows of a nearby McDonald’s, which was already peppered with pro-Palestinian stickers and spray paint" is just another example of how this article is trying to depict the protest as disruptive and violent.

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