conversation 3


Three articles I chose that CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC all had was about Palestine and the war going on both Fox News and CNN had close to the same bias which was in favor of Israel and how they've been attacked, But MSNBC had an article about a journalist/ reporter in Palestine who was reporting from the ground and risking his life to report the truth about what's going on in Gaza. The story that caught my eye in MSNBC was "Why we need journalists like my friend Wael in Gaza now more than ever" all three stories included the war but CNN and Fox News had the same bias mostly, they provided some things that were going on in Palestine but talked about Israel a lot except MSNBC they talked more about Palestine and how officials seek how the media shows this war to be to the public for example CNN is showing a video with a Palestinian burning a Israeli flag like its a bad thing that is perceived to the world but when your a Palestinian living in Palestine and have all these things happening around you by Israeli soldiers you would hate them because there killing your brother and sisters especially as a muslim, As a muslim you believe all muslims are brothers and sisters and those are your people and you see everything that's happening and what's happening around you due to a group of people who MIGRATED to Palestine back in the mid 1900s for shelter and now took advantage of your hospitality and are trying to take over your country and make it a genocide is disturbing. The weeks topic was bias and as you can see I have a very strong bias towards this topic.

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