Namgyal Wangchuk

To me, a fallacy is when someone believes something to be true, but it's actually not because of misinformation or myths. It's like being misled or having false beliefs . With reference to the example I've listed below, there could be some truth to it but depends on what you are talking about, under what circumstances, and also if there is enough evidence to backup the claim.

The example I picked is the "appeal to authority" fallacy, where someone supports their argument by saying that an expert or famous person agrees with them.
For instance, I supported Dr. Michael Gregor, who wrote the book "How not to die". He wrote and explained about how eating meat can/has lead to diseases and recommends being strictly vegan. This cannot be completely true as it lacks enough rigorous scientific evidence and everyone's body is unique, so each person reacts or responds to food differently based on their own bodily functions and needs. But just because someone is an expert doesn't mean they're always right. It's important to judge arguments based on their own merits, not just because of who said it.

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