Logical Fallacies

personal incredulity

Definition: It refers to a person’s tendency to reject a statement or concept as untrue solely because they find it difficult to understand or believe. This viewpoint is typically not based on objective evidence or rational reasoning.

Example: Li Ming shows doubt when he hears that some people can stay healthy without eating meat because he used to think meat was necessary.


The concept of “personal incredulity” is when an individual doubts or rejects an idea because they personally struggle to comprehend or accept it. In the example of Li Ming, he demonstrates personal incredulity when he hears about people maintaining good health without consuming meat. His doubts arise from his previous belief that meat is essential for a healthy diet. Instead of seeking objective evidence or rational reasoning to evaluate the new idea, he relies on his own difficulty in grasping the concept to dismiss it. This highlights how personal incredulity can hinder open-mindedness and critical thinking when confronted with unfamiliar or unconventional ideas.

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