Conversation 5

Bryan Madison

CRT 100

Professor Byers 

05 October 2023

Discussion 5 

Money doesn’t bring happiness but is an asset to make life just a tad bit easier with all its trials and tribulations life you hit with. I can speak from personal experience when I can say that money isnj;t the most ideal thing for happiness to its fullest extent only due to the fact that when I finally started to get money it didn’t enhance my mental health nor did it make me in a better mood however, the stuff I wanted to participate in weather that was partying, eating whatever I wanted whenever i wanted, buying what I couldn’t due to financial struggle played a major factor into my temporary happiness which was essential to my mood. From the cbc article “From the ‘perfect’ salary to keeping up with the Joneses, here’s how money really affects your happiness” it states that people who make anywhere between $76,000 – $96,000 are relatively happier due to the fact that they can get by, feed who they have to, keep a roof over their head for their family ect. On the other hand, anything over 6 figures they are less inclined to be happy because they want more and don’t feel like they are where they want to be. I can agree with this because 96,000 is the peak for making 5 digits and you can argue that you’re scratching 6 figures with brewing at the top of 5. Making 5 digits you can fall in the line of middle class but relatively at the top. Making $100,000 means you’re approaching that upper class level or at least making your way there, with that you have yet another ladder to climb after you pass lower class and soon to be passing middle. Making 6 figures  also comes with working in an environment where people are getting new cars, houses, as well as other lively opportunities. I can agree that if I stayed at 100k then I would be unsatisfied due to the fact although I make more than the average, I would want more not based on my surroundings nor my peers on the same level but I would want to surpass middle class as well as upper.

However, In the article  “You try to live on 500k in this town”, this supports my claim that it doesn’t buy you happiness but it creates less stress and more leeway for opportunities that you never had access to if you didn’t have the funds for it. This article touches on how much 500k can cover your private school for your children, your mortgage for your house, your nanny to babysit said children, ect. All these necessities sound extremely expensive but if it were up to me to put my creations on higher pedestals and not worry about what I’ve had to worry about, not struggle the way I, it would be worth it. Taxes wouldn’t be fun at all but at the end of the day if i’m making that much yearly then I could retire early. 

In conclusion, Money doesn’t guarantee happiness due to the fact that you can either never be satisfied with your situation regardless of how much hope you make but it creates less problems with your living conditions, livelihood, ect. At the end of the day you can make the most of whatever you make, it all depends on the foundation you lay for yourself and what your preference is. 

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