Conversation 4

Bryan Madison

CRT 100

Professor Byres 

21 September 2023

Discussion 4

For this assignment I decided to create my own cult pertaining to becoming the sexiest version of yourself. People think being sexy is centric to its meaning and only pertains to looks, glitz, and glamor, but in reality its meaning is much deeper than that. Being sexy is a state of mind, as it taps into all aspects of individual everyday life which can play a crucial role in your approach towards tackling life threatening situations, as well as your attitude towards the things you care about. 

With being in this cult you must abide by the following rules: 

  1. Stay Positive. You must maintain a good composure in times of crisis, even when life seems like it is not going your way. You must conceal your worries and use it as motivation to transform your trials into victories. 
  2. Build good habits with your lifestyle. Whether that be going to the gym to better your overall health and wellness, or reading at least once a day (not on your phone), etc. Building good habits will ultimately build a good foundation towards your well being, as well as triggering your brain to build new and positive habits.
  3. Canceling the noise. Don’t worry about what other people say during your journey to sexiness. Your road to sexiness is not to be played with and is not anyone else’s concern other than your own. People will constantly question why you do the things you do and wonder why you’re distant, or why you stopped doing the things you used to. Don’t let them stray you away from your path.
  4. Make sacrifices. Without sacrifices there’s no success, only thoughts about what could’ve been. You don’t want to blame the risks you didn’t take for your reason for not getting sexier. Being sexy is all about taking risks,which encompasses the fundamental nature of being sexy, all to become the best version of yourself. Everyone who is sexy never duplicates, only innovates. 
  5. Lastly, your mindset. Building a strong mindset is not an easy feat, but it becomes easier to manage after you implement the other 4 steps daily. The steps are meant to be your guide into disciplinary? Structure within your mind, body, and spirit. With that you’re gaining the courage to go out and grab life by the throat to achieve and overcome whatever comes your way.

In conclusion, this cult simply revolves around evolution and getting better every single day, no matter the circumstances. If you feel misguided and lost, then you can start with  this guide to enhance yourself, not stopping until you become the sexiest version of yourself. The beauty of this process is that there is no end, you don’t remain stagnant, you’re always evolving. Never stop, never settle!

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