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What are some characteristics of critical thinking? Name at least 3 that you learned /came to appreciate this semester. Next provide an example of each one from your personal life

Questions of film- Anxiety short film (2018) 6:16

What is emotive language? What are rhetorical devices? Name at least 2 of each (4total) next give an example of emotive language and rhetorical devices from the short films ‘’ Anxiety ‘’-example answer.

Emotive language in this film shows that she is having second thoughts she has another side of her that’s telling her that she really thought makeup would make you feel pretty? You really think they want to be your friends they just pity you. Her second thoughts are controlling her, which is making her think that she isn't smart enough or that people don’t believe in her example – 1 makeup; the second example outfit.

She was feeling confident enough to put on makeup, but her second thoughts told her, you really thought makeup would make you pretty You're wrong, Which made her decide that she's not going to put on makeup. The second example, which was her outfit. She had an outfit and she felt pretty somewhat confident, and her second thoughts kept telling her That outfit makes her fat. And then When she tried to change it to another outfit, her second thoughts told her. You are going to look fat either way.

Rhetorical device -

In this film in the beginning, she would let her second thoughts show her and make her feel Some sort of way about herself, but in the end, she ended up just not letting it control her and accepting the fact that yes, she has second thoughts and overthinks a lot. but she's not going to let it control her fun and how she wants to live her life.

Example 1 Deciding to put makeup on

Example 2 Putting on the outfit she wanted to wear.

Located at least 3 biases in the short film's anxiety: list them and provide examples of each. Next discussion how being aware of those biased that could help you make better decisions in life.

1- One bias appeal to emotion I noticed was when her second thoughts would start to make her feel bad about herself.

2- The second bias was the girl letting it control her and starting to overthink. because of her second thoughts

3- the third bias is not letting the second thoughts control her life and ignore it. Which made the second thoughts Really mad that she couldn't control her anymore.

Solve Maddy problem using the 5 steps problem progress.

Step 1 - how can you define the problem? What do I know about the problem? and what should be desired outcome here?

What I can define about this problem is that. She was having a challenging time Accepting Herself. The problem was Her second thoughts would start to manipulate and control her and make her feel That people did not care about her and that they only pity her. Therefore, she would start to overthink, but it gets increasingly Hard for her to start to ignore it and accept herself for being who she is. The desired outcome should be she should accept that sometimes it is OK to have. Overthinking thoughts.

What are the options? Can you list a few viable options to address this problem? What additional information may you need to explore your options?

A couple of practical options she should not let control her and that even though yes, it is hard to accept the fact that you cannot have overthought and that it can get a little depressing. Sometimes it is good to ignore it and not let it control you, Cause when you let it control you, that is when they know that they are powerful enough to manipulate and gaslight you into thinking you aren't important. What additional information You can use to explore these options is therapy is a good thing and writing in a journal can help you distract your mind from your over thoughts.

3-What are the advantages and disadvantages of each option? What would be the consequence for each of the options? In other words, what happens if you select one option? What happens if you select option 2?

The advantage of each option is for the first one when I said she should not let it control her I believe that sometimes. You should not let it control you, because when you let it control you. It gets to the point where now She can control every move and you are able to help yourself. I believe the disadvantage is You can't always Not let it control you, cause you're already so deep in the thought that there's no way of escaping it.

The second option when I said that she should probably go to a therapist or write in a journal. I believe the advantage of those options is if you don't feel comfortable opening to someone. You can always write down your thoughts and feelings in a journal, but if it starts to get bad, then I would consider going to a therapist because their job is to help. Give you Motivation and helps you Cope with your thoughts that could lead to suicidal thoughts. The disadvantage is that it depends on what therapist you get, because not all therapists are understanding and helpful. So, it depends on if you build a connection or if you feel comfortable enough sharing your story with them. I personally would select option two because I personally don't like being open to people and I have been in therapy with four different therapists and not all of them have helped me. Only one has helped me to learn how to cope with really bad thoughts and mental health. And since I don't go with therapy anymore, I do write in a journal and I have two journals, one for mental health and one for just how my day has been going and just letting myself free write.

4- what is the solution which options will you choose and what do you need to do to make this happen?

Which option would I choose is the free writing Journal. And a way to make this happen is to get a notebook, a pencil, and just let your thoughts free. And I believe that's the best option because. Not. Everything could help. But it's good to distract your mind from bad thoughts and if it does get to the point where you are having suicidal thoughts, then I would call for help. I believe the suicidal number 988 Therefore there are other options than free writing. If you have a hobby, it's good to do it. Because then you could focus on it. Whatever you're doing, it keeps you away from overthinking and having dark thoughts control you.

5- what are the results, if possible, state how the solution is working if it's too soon to say why do you believe it will be effective?

For me the possible results Are sometimes are working not always it depends on if I feel like wanting to do free writing. But since I'm usually busy, I don't have time to do so, but instead of free writing, I do paint in my free time. And that helps me calm my anxiety and it calms my thoughts down. I believe that the solution is effective. Because. I don't usually worry that much unless I'm given A lot of homework, or if I'm overwhelmed with work and schoolwork, then that's when I start to kind of let my overthinking control me. But I try not to always. And a way to not always let it control you is to take your mind off things. Go for walks, paint, write, just do things that you know will help you. Take your mind off overthinking and worrying. and depression and suicidal thoughts

Video – confirmation bias

Watch confirmation 5mins: 5:01

1-Next define confirmation bias and provide one example from the video and one original example from your life

The confirmation bias in the video talked about how we tend to think we're always right and that ours. Opinions are correct but sometimes we aren't always right, and we just need to realize that not everything we say and do is correct. And he talked about the writer, which is how they are divided by conscious and unconscious and how we think we are right, but we are actually wrong. And it doesn’t matter how smart you are; you are the foremost human beings which means we are biased towards yourself and your beliefs and values. We decided not to see our side of the table, therefore our brains have a lot of information. However, an example he gave us in the video was; for example, ‘’when we grow up we mostly see man as leaders and women as caretakers’’ and the way he came up with this example was the presidents there are mostly men presidents never a woman president.

One original example from my life

One example I have is my mother always assumes that she's right and doesn't get me wrong, parents in general, when they're in an argument with their child, they always assume that they're right. But personally, for me. The children aren't always wrong either. And so, when me and my mother are in disagreements and I share my point of the story and my point of like the Side She tends to flip it and make it seem like it's my fault, but it's not my fault, it's her fault. So, she tries to Kind of Flip it over on me. And when I provide my side of the story, I'm usually right. But she knows I'm right. Because she'll take like a second or two and then she'll. Bring something else. That wasn't even involved or included in the Disagreement. that we were having before. So then, therefore, I believe that the children aren't always wrong. Unless they know that they did something that the parents were bringing up in the conversation, then yeah, they're wrong. But if they're having a disagreement and., we know that we're right and you and we know that you don't know the full story and we explain the full story and then you make it seem like we're wrong we're not always wrong

Summarize the article ‘’ don’t let your bias wrapped your judgment ‘’ Robert L Heilbroner (see module 3) reflect can this article help you become less biased why or why not?

In this article, don't let your bias wrap your judgment. They were talking about stereotypes and how When it comes to stereotypes people tend to follow them and I believe in this article they were saying how you shouldn't have high expectations or high hopes. And they were giving us examples, like if you see somebody wearing glasses, you immediately assume that they're intelligent just because they have glasses. That's a stereotype, because not everybody that wears glasses is smart.

And another example was About f he’d rather take his chances with a Gloria or a Bertha or ask a college girl if she’d rather blind date a Richard or a Cuthbert. These are stereotypes because most people have high expectations. And they were talking about. Race; Gender. And how people should have respect. Each culture. Therefore, from this article I believe they were speaking about how You could become less biased is not to have High stereotypes and let yourself explore and not be so picky. However, Stereotypes are a kind of gossip about the world, because in this society it's very hard to live up to other people's expectations.

Therefore, people tend to try to fix themselves to make others like them or That They try too hard, and I think that in this article they're telling you not to Try To impress others, but to impress yourself. Because guess people can be judgmental, but you shouldn't let it get to you to the point where you change your whole appearance.

3- A friend of yours has joined a cult Write a letter explaining what cults are and how they work, and why your friend should leave the cult - Refer at least one source from Molecule 4.

Hey, it's been a while I was wondering how you are.

I heard that you joined a cult, is there a reason why? I just wanted to let you know that cults are not. Something you should be involved in. They prey on people who are vulnerable and see no point in life. And they manipulate you into thinking that you want to be in here, that you want to be involved in this. But you generally don't know what you want. And that's what they see in you. They know that you don't know what you want, they know that you aren't in the right place to make decisions for yourself, so they make decisions for you, and you go along with it. And you are probably going through a lot. And I'm sorry that I wasn't there for you when you needed me. but this is not something you should be involved in. Because they're using you, they know that you're going to be trustworthy and loyal to them and follow everything they want to do. Because you can't make your own decisions and say no because you don't know better.

at believe That you should leave this cult. And find actual help. And if you do need help finding someone to talk to. You can always reach out to me. And I'll never let you down Again. So please You should be able to live life, have freedom. If you're still there, you're never going to have freedom for yourself. You're going to want two want to follow their every move and you won't have any right to speak on your own mind because the only thing that you care about is that person that's controlling you. And that's not how you want to live your life; You want to have fun. And yes, life could be difficult and stressful and overwhelming, but this is not something That's going to help you and don't care about you. They only want people who are loyal and that will listen to anything they say, give them anything that they want. They don't care about your feelings and emotions they just want to control you and use you because they know that you are vulnerable and that you don't know what is right and what is wrong. So please, the only way you get to live your life and have the freedom you deserve and speak your own mind is for you to leave that toxic place that is controlling you and playing mind games.

Sincerely Ciara Cintron

4- Find two articles that represent opposing viewpoints. From each article state the author's conclusion and premieres. Next, state your own opinion about the argument presentation.

1- What Makes a Cult a Cult? | The New Yorker

In this article they talk about how When you're in a cult You get mistreated. And you can't really do anything about it because you are in that sort of state where you can't protect yourself. Because they speak about how when you're in a cult, there's no way of getting out. And what makes a cult are people who are vulnerable. and that are easy targets Therefore in the article there was a Sentence that really stated my opinion which was ‘’They were gaslit, demoralized, sleep-deprived, put on starvation diets, isolated from their friends and families, and subjected to a scientifically dubious form of psychotherapy known as neurolinguistic programming. ‘’. Therefore, they lure People in and they gaslight, and they manipulate people into staying and believing in their beliefs. And as I kept reading this Article It just kept getting worse by explaining what cults could do to people. And they were speaking about womanhood and how they were speaking about womanhood and how they sexually assault and abuse women, yet they can't do anything about it to seek the justice that they deserve after being treated. With such Disrespect and not having Say in anything because. You can't go against the person who made the cult the minute you're in it. You have to deal with mistreatment. And the gas lighting and always having to be truthful and loyal to your master. And how they brainwash these women. And people.

Therefore, the conclusion sentence would be that cults are made for people who are vulnerable and have no state of mind to say no and the premiers would be that. The only reason people are In Colts. It is because they're not in the right mind and mentality to know what's right and what's wrong and like I said in the Writing They go for people who are easy targets. And they go for people who Are easy to Manipulate.

2-How To Investigate Destructive Cults and Underground Groups: An Investigator's Manual | Office of Justice Programs (

This article talks about the cults group activities and how Detectives Or the police can investigate. And find out where these cults are being Handled at therefore what can be useful in the help of catching the cults are videotape to help find out level of organization and it can also help with finding the exact name, address, phone number and if you have someone undercover, they can help get any accompanying photographs. Premise; Therefore, as an investigator you would need to gather evidence to support your case and you would need gather evidence of the victims and Research into the cult.

However, the conclusion of this is how when it comes to a serious matter like cults, police will take anything in their power to make sure that the people that are involved in the cults will safely get out and get help, that they are needed to get help. After experiencing this traumatic. situation and to have the person who created the cult put in jail for their consequences and actions

5- What is growth mindset? What is a fixed mindset? Provide. An example of each And advise which one is better?

Growth mindset is by adopting this mindset, and trying to improve and put in effort into making your mindset better

Example - You're willing to learn from your mistakes and find value in criticism

A fixed mindset is where you can limit your potential and if you don’t think you can do something right than you believe that you aren't good at anything either you are doing a good job or aren't

Example - you start to avoid learning a new skill because you feel that you won't do a good job and will start to feel like failure.

I believe that a fixed mindset is better than growth mindset because when you have a fixed mindset you are trying to fix the way you think which will allow you to have growth in the future and sometimes you will think that you arent doing well but you still don’t give up and that will also mean that you have started to have a growth mindset . And if you fix the way you think and the way you act you will become a better person.

6- Which of the following are claims? What type of claims? How do you know?

New York City is the best city in the world.

Is Coffee Bad for your Health?

Donald Trump was the president of the United States

The following claim would be c which is Donald trump was the president of the United States and this a claim that can be proven because if you were search up about Donald trump there would be articles about him deciding to be president in 2024 in next year election and he would be in the news often when he was president and he would talk about topics that were being brought out.

Ciara Cintron

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