Conversation 5


Money does not bring happiness, the more money you get will lead to you wanting more and more of it. This will then lead to a sense of emptiness instead of joy because your only goal will be to obtain more and more money. It begins to change you as a person and make you miserable inside since "most people have to work jobs they don't like just because they pay better", says business man Gary Vaynerchuk. Money also doesn't buy you feelings or the drive to do better. People will always get that feeling that they need more money to prove something to some other person. Humans will always feel that they need more and will always feel the need to compare themselves with others, says Klontz. But as people we can't go on comparing ourselves to others, we just have to try and do the best that we can and try to be happy which is something money can't buy. In conclusion, money doesn't buy happiness, happiness is something you have to gain from just enjoying life.

Premise: Spending money on your community, health, and items you like can bring happiness.

My Premise: Happiness is all dependent on how much you enjoy life and those you surround yourself with everyday.

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