Conversation 4


The cult that I chose to read about was the third one named "Checklist of Cult Characteristics". This cult is about bringing on as many new members as possible and making each of those members the best version of themselves by making sure they check every checklist before they are accepted. Some of these checklists include being an elitist and making sure you can make money for yourself and the group. The cult also makes you do things that you may be uncomfortable with but it's all done to prove your loyalty to the cult. One of these things that might make you uncomfortable are the leaders doing mind numbing techniques on you to suppress any doubts you had about joining the group or the group leaders. Overall the group is very competitive to join and expects the absolute best version of yourself to join and is a very group centered cult that won't let you socialize with anyone else outside of the cult. Now something that I have learned from reading this article is that some cults are like a second family almost requiring loyalty and lots of dedication to it. Some of them might even make you abandon your actual family just to be all in with them. Overall this has really opened my eyes on how cults are run and how ridiculous some of the things are just to join one.

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