Abdulrauf Faruk Conv 4

If I created a cult it would be called “Souldiers of The New World” a cult focused directly on driving a change in society and being the leading benefactors of it all. The only reason this cult would exist is because people believe change will not or can not come, but I disbelieve in that, change will not come until you do something to enact it, praying for a savior would not do anything, use your mind, body, and most importantly SOUL to reach out and grab the better New World. The mission? Complete restructuring of society and humanity’s role on earth. The reasoning for this project is similar to a lot of cults (apart from the looney ones), the world has grown tainted by a plague that only seems to rapidly and endlessly grow, causing greater and greater harm to the planet it lives on. This plague is the byproduct of humanity’s living. The cult would take a heavily aggressive approach to pushing change unlike most peaceful protests advocating for the same thing. A group that functions as vigilante against those who seem “above the law,” a real life robin hood bringing down the top and lifting the ones below, a collective of compassionate individuals that seek to aide everyone in need with no expectancy of repayment and no bias. This cult would operate alternatively from most cults we’ve seen, appearing closed off to the public, we would accept anyone with the passion and warmth in their soul. We would help the commonwealth little by little and grow our cult’s reputation to the point where when anarchy/rioting does appear, we have an army of those who believe in the cause but cannot become a member. I would like to imagine the cult as a bug that can live even when headless, a mission understood by everyone and even if I were to pass they could fight to achieve the goal. Ultimately we seek to flip society on its head and truly giving the power to the people while focusing on preserving the earth, an understandable goal only impeded by a lack of hope and leading light.

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