Higher Vibrations through Music


The cult that I would create would value the healing effects of music and powerful vibrations through movement and sound. As someone who uses music as a crutch for difficult emotions, I can attest to the healing properties of listening to the right music. I would also utilize silence while in nature ( sitting by a body of water, near trees, in grass, etc.

There are a plethora of different genres people feel connected to and I would help them heal through them and through their own personal expression of sound. I would be the founder of the group but I would like all members to practice leadership and connect with the other participants by taking initiative through group workshops.

5 core rules of the group:
Respectfully listen carefully to others
Respect the silence
No violence
The use of social media is prohibited
When you are not able to be present at a session, commit to upkeeping/ chores

My cult would be in a residential area with cabins and open access to nature.
I would recruit members through:
Yoga meets
Music Festivals
Movement Classes
Group Therapy
Social Media with an algorithm reaching people with anxiety and depression, music lovers, people looking for therapy, people who enjoy vacation, people who want to increase their mindfulness, people who want to make deeper connections.

I would welcome all people 18+. If someone is used to feeling like they have no place or social circle they are more than welcome to give my group a try. Mindfulness through vibrations is a practice that dates back 4,000 years and has proved to have benefits regarding mental health. Freeing your mind is the first step to freeing you body and I would implore everyone to elevate their experience in this life.

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