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I chose an article from Cult Recovery 101 “ What is a cult ?” 


 Cults are normally related to something strange, a cult is a group of people with the same interest, but cults are not always about religion or something like that since the way a cult is carried out can vary, it can be a cult of politics among others such as commercial or something of their common interest.

When you are part of a cult, they control the members, they control how they think and how they act and even how they should feel, people who belong to cults, their lives are very controlled and they are isolated mentally and physically and they are governed.

Cults are new movements carried out by a leader who normally use emotional blackmail, psychological games, persuasion to keep people in the cult and take advantage of them, well there are also many different types of cults, these types of cults mostly end damaging society a lot and leaving consequences for people after they leave the cult and for their family, these people after the cult find it very difficult to return to real life.

With this article I learned how a cult works and that cults are not only about religion but that you can create cults of other interests. Something interesting that I learned was how the leaders of the cults manage to integrate people into their cult, they achieve everything. That they deceived people by lying to them and manipulating them, this is something very horrible, and these cults are created only so that the bosses can achieve their goals and they don’t really care about the cult, just how to take advantage of people.

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