Conversation 3; Bias


The story I deicided to read on CNN, Fox News and MSNBC, (CNN on left, Fox News in the middle, and MSNBC on the right side.) was about a school district that had faced an issue where they had to ban Bibles from elementary and middle schools, because it contained "sexual and violent" things. Some facts included in all 3 stories, was a parents complaint that started this, which was reported under the Utah law in March of 2022, Ken Ivory, who is a Republican legislator in the Utah state, had made a statement being that the complaint of the parent was a "mockery", basically implying that this claim wasn't valid. The middle story was a very vague and short one, not giving much context on the topic, or basic facts that can help readers understand the situation more. This side of the story also didn't include the facts about Ken Ivories statement, which I believe could have been helpful to the topic, since Ken was a very important person to those living in Utah. I would say both the left and right had the most information, but the right side was able to gather more in detail information about the topic. This side of the story gave specific information about a petition that was placed on this topic, certain dates of certain things. I believe all 3 stories weren't in favor or opposed, I believe they were all just stories explaining what is going on, but leaning more towards the "opposing" side, being the fact that the left and right side included Ken's statement, while the middle side didn't include this type of information.

Yenelli Cabreja

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