Conversation #3


I selected the article ” Body cam captures Seattle police joking on Woman’s Death”. This article is about A young woman named Jaahnavi Kandula, 26 years old was struck and killed by a police officer Kevin Dave whilst she was crossing the street. In a video released this week, the vice president of the police officer guild Daniel Auderer made a joke and laughed at the situation saying that “Kandula life had limited value” and that ” the city should just write a check”. All three articles mention how Auderer defended his words by stating ” I intended the comment as a mockery of lawyers. I laughed at the ridiculousness of how these incidents are litigated and the ridiculousness of how I watched these incidents play out. As two parties bargain over a tragedy.” All three articles provide information about this incident and the city’s response but only one article provided what the family had to say. I believe this article provided this information because Kandula’s uncle told this information to the news reporters. He said, ” The family had nothing to say except I wonder if these men’s daughters or granddaughters have value. A life is a life.” What I noticed about this article’s word choice is that they use more confrontational words to describe the incident and how the police responded. Compared to the other two articles the left article did seem like they favored the view of the city and the citizens about this situation. Compared to the right side, this article did seem biased. the article was very swift the main idea they were promoting was how Daniel Auderer said that his response to the incident was taken out of context. An example of that would be in the title which states what he says instead of talking about the young lady who passed.

Layza Hiciano

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