conversation 3

My story/ event is about the Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and how he has decided to is allow an unformal dress code to be used in the senate. Some facts of this were the articles I read within these articles we see that he says that senate shouldn’t be confined to the only formal suits and tie. In the article on the left side: “The end of the dress code? What it means that the Senate is relaxing clothing rules” one can see more information on the topic like examples of how the senators pick on each other and take to social media to discuss this topic. I believe that this article had more information due to its type of platform, while the other two were pretty similar. The language and word choice were fine in all articles especially in the titles. They would use text that brings your attention to the topic. I spotted in the left side there was bias opinion and leading language in a tittle. It was “I dress like a snob”, this I feel like is not true, because we all like belong comfortable and that isn’t being a snob. This is why this to me was an example of being biased.

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