Conversation 3 Bias


US Announces New Sanctions on Iran, One Year After Protests  


What is the story/ event?                                                                         

The story talks about the protests in Iran over the death of Mahsa Amini, a Kurdish woman who was captured by Iran’s Moral Police and killed for wearing inappropriate clothing according to Iran’s laws and talks about how violent the police are in Iran , as in the protests against Iran’s violence, many people died, Iran captured the Americans and the United States tried to make a trade to get back the Americans captured in Iran . A year after the death of “Mahsa Amini”  U.S. sanctions on Iran.

 What facts were included in all three stories?                                        

In the three stories they talk about Masha Amini, a Kurdish woman, and the protests made towards Iran and the abuse of authority and the sanctions made by the United States against Iran.  

Was there one news source that contained facts the other two did not?                                                                                                          

The document “From the Left” announces that there will be an exchange of prisoners from Iran with the United States. Due to an agreement that two countries recently reached for their citizens, this information is only in the document “From the Left”.

Why might that be?                                                                           

Because the document “From the Left” places more focus on how in Iran there is a lot of violence and abuse of authority and how politicians are sanctioned for their abuse of the people.                                                                      

 What did you notice about the language/word choice?                               

I noticed that the documents used words like “police brutality” to describe Iran and its attacks on people, “oppressive government control” to describe the politicians who help make Iran so full of attacks.

 Was there leading or subjective language to favor one point of view over another?                                                                                            

The point of view that they favor is that Iran is really a very aggressive country and the police abuse their power and all the violence was because of the high officials, they did not care and that was why they killed and kidnapped and that is why the US sanctions Iran.

Can you detect any examples of bias? Explain.                                        

I can definitely see the bias that the writers of the 3 documents are inclined towards that the U.S. is right to sanction Iran and that Iran is extremely aggressive for having killed “Iranian Kurd Mahsa Amini” because she did not comply with its dress code and that The authorities abuse the police and in the protests against violence the police were extremely violent.

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