“The Provocateur Behind Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Issa Rae


I believe that the music video of Formation is about. Empowerment of. Black women in Louisiana and that they should be able to have more power than anyone else including men Which is why It also talks about How She wanted the music video to feature black women as heroes. She also wanted to spread more awareness about how Mistreated Black people were back in the days and how they suffered Through slavery. how they were beaten for no reason whatsoever. Beyoncé wanted to show people all round the world that we're listening to this song You understand Women rights and how female artists should be able to express themselves in any way possible that showed who they are as a person. Which is why in this music video. however, in the music video it just doesn't only talk about black women but black women with albino, therefore She talks about how women need to grind, work hard, don't give up pursuing what you want to do and if that means you want to be in the music industry, don't give up and keep going. That's what formation is about Therefore, there was one piece That caught my attention in the article. which was ‘’ it's an unfair struggle that only black women can understand and relate’’ which what I think she means by this is how Many people don't believe in female artists Because they only think that Men should be the only ones rapping and spitting bars So that's why they look down on women artists and it's a struggle Because it shouldn't be like. Unless she means that black women in general Get mistreated for no reason whatsoever due to how people could very passive aggressive and racist towards black women which is why only they can relate too even though anyone could get in a situation where someone is being racist and having no shame with calling people slurs.

Activity 8: Post 2


1. What messages/ themes did Beyonce wants to express through the song and video?

The message of this music video is to show powder that women have, and it also shows that how women work hard to get what they want That they don't slack off. And when people try to bring them down that gives them more motivation to work harder to show them that they can do it, and they can do it better than them. Therefore, the other message behind this is to show. That Women don't care About what anyone says. And if you tried to bring them down, they're going to ignore it Because your opinion does not matter that's why when they're on top you're still on the bottom. The theme that Beyoncé wanted to express through the song Was That She wanted people to know That. Women artists Have so much more value than anyone else. And that they should be able to do what they love and if that means that they love being in the music industry and they want to become a female artist there should be nothing that could stop them from achieving their dreams. in the music video, that's why she dressed a little provocatively That she wanted people to know that It's not going to stop her from expressing herself and showing people how is done correctly.

The music video itself It was very well done Every scene Seem to have a meaning behind it and that meeting seemed to be so strong. And powerful There was one scene that had me in awe in the music video 0.33 had me proud because the lyric ‘’earned all this money but they never take this country out of me’ I think she means that She earned all this money, but she's still going to stay humble from where she came from fame isn't going to change her family background and that she will pass down this empowerment to her children.

The song overall is good She just wanted to express herself but be who she is as a person, and she wanted other women No matter where you're from, where you come from, she wanted women to know that they have so much power in them. And that they should not let anyone take advantage of who they are. Just because they can't see. the beauty that you have in themselves.

2. Are those messages/ themes like your initial reaction to the song and video

To be honest with you, you have always known Beyoncé. Wants to show women that they do have more power than anyone else in this world but listening to this song, it just showed how much potential women have and that they should not be scared to be themselves. Therefore, my reaction to the music video and song itself shocked me but in a good way. The messages through the song just show Such Strongness that women go through.

? 3. How did Matsoukas help Beyonce convey those messages/ themes?

What she did to help Beyoncé convert these messages is she supported her throughout the whole Thing She wanted Beyoncé 's vision to come to real life and those messages were Supposed to be relatable, powerful. meaningful, therefore. The theme of the whole thing was to show how women struggle but they can try to balance themselves out by putting in effort and working hard to Be successful in life. And The music videos show many stories like police brutality, racism. women having to fight for the right.

4. Find at least 2 examples of emotive language or rhetorical devices?

One emotive language is possessive

Second emotive language is haters

What role do they play in the song?

All these roles that these women play is to show and catch other people's attention by showing us that Anything men could do women could do too. but they do it much better than them if they put the effort and they work hard and they keep grinding until they're tired it's going to be all work because they're going to on top.

Why do you think the song and video became controversial? Read your classmates' comments and reply to at least two

I think this song became conservational because many people could relate to it. Just because in the society in general, people go through racism and discrimination. Due to their race and family backgrounds. So, this music video. Not only shows power. In general. But it shows people that in the society that we live in You can't let people bring you down. Even if they say the most outrageous things, you must stand your ground. And keep walking.

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