Li Yi conversation 2 language

  1. What messages/ themes did Beyonce want to express through the song and video?
    Through the song and video for “Formation,” Beyoncé skillfully expresses a tapestry of messages and themes:
    Resistance and Resilience: Beyonce’s work conveys a powerful message of resistance against oppression and injustice, particularly addressing issues like police brutality and the enduring impact of Hurricane Katrina. It underscores the resilience of marginalized communities in the face of adversity.
    Social Justice: She fearlessly tackles social justice issues, shedding light on police brutality and racial inequality. The reference to Hurricane Katrina serves as a poignant reminder of systemic injustices that demand attention.
    Empowerment and Black Culture: Beyonce champions empowerment, celebrating Black culture and pride. Her artistry serves as a source of strength and unity within the Black community.
    Unity and Strength: The song and video call for unity and strength, urging individuals to stand together in the face of discrimination and inequality.
    Personal Confidence and Success: Beyonce’s message also emphasizes personal confidence and the pursuit of success, motivating individuals to chase their dreams with determination.
    In essence, “Formation” encapsulates these diverse themes, encouraging self-empowerment, cultural pride, and social awareness while addressing pressing issues of racism, sexism, and social injustice.
  2. Are those messages/ themes similar to your initial reaction to the song and video?
    My first initial feeling of the beat and visuals with the song was that I understood that the singer was releasing her strong emotions through the lyrics, dance and melody. After reading the lyrics I realized that it contained a lot of social issues such as racism,sexism and social inequality that provoked me to deeply think about how those issues are affecting contemporary society. This transition from an initial sensory experience to a deeper contemplation of societal issues illustrates how music and art can serve as a powerful medium for both emotional expression and social commentary.
  3. How did Matsoukas help Beyonce convey those messages/ themes?
    Director Melina Matsoukas played a pivotal role in conveying the powerful themes within Beyoncé’s music video. Through her adept use of visual storytelling, she skillfully employed imagery and symbolism, drawing references to significant events like Hurricane Katrina, addressing police brutality, and celebrating Black culture. Her tools of choice included fast-paced music, elaborate costume design, and visually striking elements. This narrative-driven approach not only captivated viewers but also provided them with thought-provoking opportunities to delve into the social and cultural issues tackled in the song. Matsoukas’ distinctive vision and creativity undeniably heightened the impact and expressiveness of the music videos.
  4. Find at least 2 examples of emotive language or rhetorical devices? What role do they play in the song?
    Beyoncé uses repetition effectively with the line “I slay” throughout the song. This repetition not only adds emphasis but also serves as a rallying cry, empowering the listener and reinforcing themes of empowerment and self-expression.
    Beyoncé uses alliteration in the line, “Okay, okay, ladies, now let’s get in formation.” The repetition of the “k” sound adds rhythm and emphasis to the call for unity and solidarity among women.
    These rhetorical devices and emotive language are employed to evoke self-confidence, identity, and unity among women. They play a pivotal role in enhancing the overall message of empowerment and cultural pride, creating a resonant and impactful experience for the audience.
  5. Why do you think the song and video became controversial?
    The song and video became controversial due to their strong expression of the complex messages regarding race, culture, and empowerment. Some people took issue with its explicit references to black culture and social issues, while others praised it for its bold and thought-provoking approach. As we all know, society is composed of different individuals who have different cultural backgrounds, value orientations, economic and social statuses, etc., and therefore have very different views on a social issue.Therefore, social pluralism is one of the main reasons why social issues are full of controversy.

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