Savannah Lucas – Conversation 1


To me, critical thinking is looking at a situation, and making the decision that will lead to the best outcome. The first speaker defines critical thinking as “the art of analyzing thinking with a view of improving it” which is something I agree with a lot. I think that processing your thoughts clearly and making sure you have no biases so that you can create the best outcome for yourself without sabotaging your decision making process due to a closed mind in a specific matter can improve the quality of your life and experiences. In life we will be faced with many decisions to make, ultimatums, and obstacles that will stump our heads. It’s important to know what the right decision to make is by weighing out your options and picking the smartest one regardless if it was the hardest route to take. The other speaker, Jesse Richardson, defined critical thinking as “how to think, not what to think”. He brought up a great point, school, we are taught what to learn, what to think, and what to study. But never taught the how’s. If you look back on life, we realize that we made many mistakes and though not everything is your fault, in almost each tribulation we have went through , led to us making the wrong decision. Which we learn from, we learn the how through our life experiences but imagine how much we could avoid if we were taught how to think the same way we were taught history and math.

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