Conversation 1


After reading this, I can say critical thinking consists of many things, and are also beneficial in many ways as well. I have learned that critical thinking can impact relationships/friendships with others, general learning or things one would like to know out of curiosity, etc. I also learned that critical thinking is a form of giving people the comfortability to feel that there isn't a right or wrong answer, and it's okay to be wrong. I so far am liking the concept of critical thinking, the way it is conveyed by others, and how it can help others grow as people in the end. I agree with the author when she claims she was more on Richardson's explanation, because he was able to give in depth reasons towards how he sees critical thinking from his POV, and us as readers are critical thinking as well, when analyzing the similarities/differences between Richardson's speech, and Eintein's speech, and which would be more valuable to the outside world.

Yenelli Cabreja

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